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As a Franklin County Smith Mountain Lake native, broker Pat Bailey of CB Sales & Rentals has a passion for SML waterfront living and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Pat Bailey began as a local Realtor specializing in assisting buyers and sellers to find the right waterfront home, waterfront cabin or other resort properties for their needs. Over the years, Pat helped Smith Mountain Lake see its true potential as a vacation community with beautiful mountains and crystal clear waters. The SML vacation rental market is strong when you combine this with boating, sailing, jet skiing, and  the many other water sport attractions that this 500 acre lake offers.

I remember when Smith Mountain Lake was just filling in and the pre-existing river beds were in place. Part of the charm of growing up at Smith Mountain Lake has been watching the transformation from a small rural community into the Resort Place that Smith Mountain Lake has become over the years.

– Broker Pat Bailey

Pat Bailey recognized the growing need for property management services at the lake, and in 1993, she formed the premiere property management firm of CB Rentals. CB Rentals offers SML summer home vacation rentals, waterfront homes, waterfront cabins, and waterfront cottages for rent. In 1995, Pat Bailey became the Principal Broker. In addition to her handling real estate sales, she also managed over 50 Realtors / Agents to better assist the many buyers and sellers of waterfront properties at Smith Mountain Lake.  Over time her two SML waterfront/ resort real estate firms merged into CB Sales and Rentals.

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Smith Mountain Lake LivingCB Sales and Rentals, Inc., prides itself in being one of the foremost recognized companies at the lake. We’re locally known for the high quality of customer service and for having the top recognized agents in the area. Our agents are composed from a wide variety of backgrounds and geographical origins.The common thread of all our REALTORS is their love of the lake and the desire to provide top quality real estate services.

We are one of the few companies who have chosen to work with your individual needs, and exclusively represent you as the buyer or the seller, working for your best interest as your “Personal Agent”.